Dec. 29th, 2011

mikekn: (Books)
One of the folks in my running group mentioned the 12 in'12 Reading Challenge from the Books on the Nightstand group on Goodreads. Last year their challenge was +11 in '11 - read 11 more books then you did the year before. This year the challenge is open to interpretation - working the 12 in however you like. For myself, I'm trying to come up with 12 different challenges. A single book could hit several of the challenges, so they should be manageable.

[edited] So far I've got the following:

Read 12 more books then 2011 (so 55 books)
Read 12 Hugh winners
Read 12 Nebula winners
Read 12 books written before 1970
Read 12 books by Tanith Lee
Read 12 books by Harlan Ellison
Read 12 graphic novels (I'm sure I own that many, but I know most aren't cataloged as "to read" on LT)
Read 12 short story collections
Read 12 Emperor Norton books (fiction and non-fiction)
Read 12 books selected by committee (anyone can vote for books from my "to read" list)

Remove 12 books from my "to read" collection (with over 800 to read, I'll never get to all of them, may as well let some go to new homes without reading them)

Buy no more then 12 books (new or used, but doesn't count gifts) and read no more then 12 books not on my "to read" list)

Any suggestions for others?
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