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In 2013 I
- Ran 24 different races (5K, 5M, 10K, and half marathons) and achieved new best times in all categories
- Started running trails
- Logged 359 miles walking, running or hiking
- Made it to the gym regularly
- Drank an average of 2 beers a day, including 487 different ones
- Lost 20lbs
- Was able to stop taking medicine for high cholesterol
- Went on my first Caribbean cruise
- Played at least 73 different board games hundreds of times
- Started and ended the year playing Cosmic Encounter
- Sold my Magic the Gathering cards
- Read over 40 books
- Back 44 Kickstarter projects
- Made 7 Kiva loans
- Made 0 posts to LJ
- Lost 2 cats to illness
- Lost 1 friend to cancer
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