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I've figured out my schedule for the Philly film fest. Lots of Asian action films this year, and more horror stuff then I'd expect (given that I'm not a big horror fan).

Sunday, October 21st
12:10 PM, Quartet, 2012 | 95 min., Ritz East - Theater A
9:40 PM, Dragon, 2010 | 116 min., RAVE Auditorium 6

Monday, October 22nd
10:00 PM, Shanghai, 2010 | 105 min., Prince Music Theater

Tuesday, October 23rd
7:15 PM, Cloud Atlas, 2012 | 163 min., Prince Music Theater

Wednesday, October 24th
9:30 PM, Dead Sushi, 2012 | 91 min., RAVE Auditorium 6

Thursday, October 25th
9:35 PM, The Thieves, 2012 | 135 min., Ritz Bourse

Friday, October 26th
7:10 PM, Holy Motors, 2012 | 115 min., Ritz East - Theater B

Sunday, October 28th
9:45 PM, Thale, 2012 | 77 min., Ritz Bourse
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