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Hey look! I started a post after Origins and then never finished it. Well, here it is about a month later...

Day 0 - Tuesday
I took an easy drive out to Columbus, made good time without trying too hard. Parked, checked in to the hotel, then went out to Betty's Fine Food & Spirits for dinner and some drinks (Dragon's Milk & Original Sin Cider).

Day 1 - Wednesday
The first day of games! I had one game scheduled (Adv Civ) with the rest being pickups.

City of Iron
A work in progress game that the designer was testing out. He's got a good start but it felt like too much was going on, and a lot parts relied on a very limit resource. I'll try it again if I run across the next edition.

Advanced Civilization
I've not played Civ in years and years, so I signed up for a teaching game. We played for a few hours - only a short game :) Still a good game - I'll need to break it out again someday before I forget everything I learned.

Kingdom Builder
My new favorite game. This one will win awards - trust me ;) It has two random components during set up (which boards you use and how they are arranged, plus what three goals you will all be working towards). Game play is very simple - each turn place three settlements onto the board into a terrain determined by a card (the only random part of game play). I played one game of it then went out and bought the base set and two expansions.

Stone Age
Thurn and Taxis
The Settlers of Catan
Playing some "classics". We actually got to teach Settlers to someone.

Beers for the day:
Blood Thirst Wheat, Point Of Origin Golden Belgian Ale, MacLenny's Scottish Ale all from Barley's Brewing Company.

Day 2 - Thursday
Felix: The Cat in the Sack
My freebie game of the year - not much to it, and I can't really recommend it.

I revisited the Carcassonne tournament, but came in second in the first round...

Cosmic Encounter
Yay, a game of CE!

A new-to-me game that I've wanted to try for a while. I enjoyed it, but will hold off on buying it (only 'cause I don't need more games right now).

Beer for the day:
Hefeweizen by Gordon Biersch Brewing.

Day 3 - Friday
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork
I taught a few people how to play this one. I'm still figuring out how to go about playing the various roles.

Stone Age
Got to play with the expansion finally - fun!

Two player abstract strategy game. Reminded me a little of Fanarona, but really has no relationship to it. Very good.

Kingdom Builder x2
Playing more and teaching new people.

Another Martin Wallace game (like Brass), also very good. Of the two I'm not sure which I liked better.

Stone Age
Taught some folks the expansion.

Beer for the day:
MacLenny's Scottish Ale

Day 4 - Saturday
"Oh My God! There's An Axe In My Head." The Game of International Diplomacy
Signed up for this one solely because of the name. It was interesting, and pretty silly.

Puzzle Strike
Here is an odd one - a card/board game simulating a puzzle video game which is simulating a street fighter game. Game play includes deck building with unique character starting decks.

Thurn and Taxis
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork
More playing of games I already know and enjoy.

King of Tokyo
Giant monster combat game - very simple to play and pretty fun. The first monster takes Tokyo and holds it while beating on the others - everyone else attacks only them until they retreat and the attacker takes their place. Last one standing is the winner.

Beer for the day:
Scottish Ale by Columbus Brewing Company

Day 5 - Sunday
Sentinels of the Multiverse
One last game before heading home. This one is a co-op card game with a comic book theme. Each player gets a superhero with a custom deck of cards, and as a team must take out the villain.

The drive home was as uneventful as the drive out.

Things of note this year - the Origins Beer Garden had better beer then last year (last year it was generic bottles, this year draft from Barley's Brewing Company).
I think I'll pass on any of the tournaments next year. They usually aren't well organized and just not that interesting. The open gaming is much better for what I want to do.
I failed to make a trip down to the sausage haus this year :( but did visit a few other breweries.
The next time I attend (probably not for a while) I want to go with a group of people - much easier to get a game started.

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