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Apr. 5th, 2012 05:00 pm
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The reading continues while the logging falls behind...

14. Black Unicorn - Tanith Lee (finished in March)
Short YA novel set in a fantasy world. The story follows Tanaquil the daughter of a sorceress with a knack for mending things (Tanaquil has the knack, not her mom). After discovering and reassembling the skeleton of a unicorn, the unicorn comes to life and leads/chases Tanaquil on an adventure. Very much a Tanith Lee story, which for me means beautiful and enjoyable.

15. Gold Unicorn - Tanith Lee
Tanaquil explores the world and gets caught up in a war. Book two in Lee's Unicorn series. Very good :)

16. Anathem - Neal Stephenson *
Excellent (large) work from Stephenson. The audio book was well done and made the Arbre vocabulary much easier to deal with. Lots of cool philosophical and mathematical ideas get batted around all while telling an engaging story.

12 in 12 Challenge - Q1 Summary :)

16/55 Books read
2/12 Hugo Winners
3/12 Nebula Winners
8/12 Written Pre-1970
2/12 Tanith Lee
2/12 Harlen Ellison
0/12 Graphic Novels
1/12 Short story collections
0/12 Emperor Norton
7/12 Recommended by friends
6/12 Buy no more the 12 new books
0/12 Remove 12 books from the "to read" collection
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