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Feb. 29th, 2012 11:38 am
mikekn: (Books)
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Yeah, I both behind on my reading and behind on logging my reading. These were finished in February.

6. Iliad - Homer *

Another classic that I knew little about. I knew it dealt with the Trojan War, but didn't know that (spoilers!) it picks up years after the initial snub and Helen being taken to Troy and ends before the Trojan Horse and the end of the war. Too much genealogy and not enough story for my tastes.

7. Man with Nine Lives - Harlen Ellison

A short novel from the 60s with some interesting ideas, like a deep sleep for criminals, that actually transfers their consciousness to an alien on another world where they are tasked with changing things to make way for the eventual arrival of humans.

8. Odyssey - Homer *

I enjoyed this one much more then the Iliad. The whole story that I was expecting was actually here :)

12 in 12 Challenge
6/12 Written Pre-1970
3/12 Recommended by friends
1/12 Harlen Ellison
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